Microsoft WebMatrix: Is This the Best Dreamweaver Alternative?
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Microsoft WebMatrix: Is This the Best Dreamweaver Alternative?
Microsoft's WebMatrix is a brand new web development tool that lets users to build static and dynamic websites. It also allows SEO, FTP publishing, and the integration of databases. Microsoft WebMatrix is a very simple tool that is able to integrate seamlessly with Windows Operating System. It lets you install one-click several CMS platforms, including Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla. This article is not meant to evaluate the new software against any other versions of Adobe Dreamweaver. Microsoft's paragraph should sum up the essence of this issue:
WebMatrix contains everything you require to build Web pages using Windows. It comes with IIS Developer Express, ASP.NET (a Web framework), and SQL Server Compact (an embedded databank). It makes it easier to manage Web web development, and makes it easy to build Web websites using the most the most popular open-source software. WebMatrix allows you to seamlessly transfer your knowledge and the code you've created into Visual Studio or SQL Server.
The beta 2 version currently available is designed to attract developers, students and everyone who wants an easy and effective tool to build Web websites. It allows you to code to test, then create websites without needing to install databases or Web servers. There are a lot of issues and Staff Augmentation bugs that Microsoft WebMatrix may encounter as it is in the beta stage. WebMatrix cannot erase websites you've made. This is an issue I've encountered when using the application. Microsoft has apparently forgotten (as usual!) The feature was added to the "My Sites" screen. You'll need to open the entire site before you can remove it. It is crucial to keep in mind that the deletion of websites is a deletion operation. It does not erase any old files in your computer. Instead, you'll have to navigate to Docs > Your Web Sites to do this. You can erase the folder prior to opening the application. But when you click on the folder, it will show it in the My Sites> screen. Microsoft suggests creating an untrue folder that has the same name, and then open it on the My Sites> screen. After that, you can right-click and delete the website to delete it. Another forum suggests a bit of file hacking, whereby you will need to access the configuration file in Documents > IISExpress > config > applicationhost.config and look for the section and delete the relevant lines like the code below that do not exist. The program makes it simple to manage your database and to optimize your sites for SEO. It also works well with the Code Editor as well as the FTP application. Another issue I'm facing is that certain CMS systems you install could be outdated. So, it is important to adhere to the CMS instructions to upgrade prior to when you start working with the system. This is evident in the Screen which downloads WordPress from the "Site from Web Gallery" Screen. It's an older version of WordPress (2.9.2 at the moment) and the current WordPress version is 3.0.1. Summary It's a great tool, but I'm not impressed with the issues I've encountered with it, such as occasional crashes. But, I think that this is one of the drawbacks to the free beta programs. But, Microsoft WebMatrix is easier to use and I am confident that Microsoft will correct these naive mistakes and provide the most up-to-date CMS installations files. Are you sure this is the best Dreamweaver alternative or is it the most effective? While it's not fully functional, it offers the most seamless integration with Windows Operating System environments. It is also easy to install different CMS platforms. It's still a fantastic software that I would recommend. Aptana Studio is still my preferred Dreamweaver alternative.

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